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Fiat unveils Uno Ecology concept sporting 1.0-liter engine, interior made with coconuts and pop bottles

Just over a week ago, Fiat unveiled the Uno Supermini in Brazil. The company followed that unveiling with the debut of a concept study car called the Uno Ecology. Though we don't expect either vehicle to come here, some of the earth-friendly technology found on the Ecology model could quickly spread throughout the Fiat lineup, including U.S.-bound models.

Top model spends time with Fiat's eco:Drive

Click above for a high-res gallery of Jodie Kidd with the Fiat eco:Drive

Fiat: eco:Drive has saved 163,000kg of CO2 so far

We were introduced to Fiat's eco:Drive system during the Paris Motor Show in October. If you don't remember, no worries. Here's a refresher: eco:Drive uses a USB stick that fits in certain Fiat model dashboards and records information on how you're driving. This information is then fed into your computes, which looks at areas where you could have made a greener driving choice. The

New Fiats to teach you to drive more efficiently using eco:Drive

We've seen various schemes by manufacturers to get drivers to operate their vehicles more efficiently. Nissan has a pedal that pushes back at you and many manufacturers are now putting eco-gauges inside their cars. Real-time mile per gallon indicators have proven useful to many drivers as well. Fiat is looking to do even better, using the processing power of your personal computer to analyze your driving habits. Using Fiat's Blue&Me technology, a USB drive is used to download your past drivi