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Fiat Spain has decided to make an effort to reduce the amount of water used to wash cars by using a special wax. The wax will be used at dealers and repair shops when cars are cleaned before delivery to customers. What will it do? Fiat expects the wax to reduce water use by up to 145 million liters of water (about 40 million gallons) per year.

Fiat Spain recently launched a campaign to promote the Grande Punto that told people they could, "Get it for under 13,000 cucumbers." Clever, considering that "cucumber" is slang for the euro (€) currency (another word is "turkey," which would have made for a more interesting situation), but a guy from Málaga, in the SE of Spain took the words literally and got himself a brand new Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 16V for, well, 13,000 cucumbers. Renato Del Bino, from Fiat Spain's marketing divi