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Last week, the French postal service La Poste announced it's intent to buy a lot of electric vehicles for mail carriers to use. Newteon, the company that works with Micro-Vett and Fiat on vehicles like the all-electric Fiat Doblo and Fiorino, now says its vehicles have made La Poste's short list of potential additions to the fleet. A prototype Doblo EV will be delivered to La Poste this summer and then four or five more will be tested in the fall. Micro-Vett converts the Fiats and Newteon distr

Despite an earlier report that an electric version of the new Fiat Fiorino van would appear by February of 2008, it now looks like it won't go into production for at least another year. The lithium ion-powered Fiorino should have a sixty-mile range and 50 mph top speed. The electric van will give Fiat an appealing entry for cities like London that have congestion charges. The congestion charges are typically waived for zero or ultra-low emission vehicles. No price has been determined for the ele

For the first time in Fiat's history, an all-electric version of a vehicle was released right along with the "standard" (read: gas or diesel powered) versions. The vehicle in question is the new Fiat Fiorino, which was shown at Transpotec in Milan last month and then last week at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Amsterdam. Italiaspeed has the details.