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Fiat unveils Uno Ecology concept sporting 1.0-liter engine, interior made with coconuts and pop bottles

Just over a week ago, Fiat unveiled the Uno Supermini in Brazil. The company followed that unveiling with the debut of a concept study car called the Uno Ecology. Though we don't expect either vehicle to come here, some of the earth-friendly technology found on the Ecology model could quickly spread throughout the Fiat lineup, including U.S.-bound models.

Fiat confirms two new small cars under development

Fiat has confirmed rumors that it is developing a new low-cost world car. However while earlier reports suggested a single small car was under consideration, a senior company executive revealed that Fiat is actually developing two new models.

Fiat Uno low on horses, but full of bull

The Fiat Uno has never been considered a powerful vehicle, and we're sure there have been many attempts to boost its horsepower. But one man in South Africa took a different approach to performance. Instead of trying to add horses to an Uno, he went with other farm animals, stuffing his tiny Italian car with a pair of cows and a couple of goats. Did we mention he stole them?

Fiat Brazil will start selling flexfuel Fiat Uno in South Africa

The flex-fuel Fiat Uno, made by Fiat Brazil, will be sold in South Africa, where Fiat South Africa will work with local farmers to plant crops to make biofuel, according to a report in the South African newspaper the Weekend Post. A petro-only version will go on sale in July and the flex-fuel version later in the year. The Uno Flex can burn corn- or sugar-based alcohol as well as petrol.