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Toshiba joins forces with Fiat, Scania to develop lithium-ion batteries

Toshiba isn't a stranger to the rechargeable battery business. In fact, it's one of the largest producers of rechargeable batteries for consumer electronics. Automotive batteries, though, that's a different story. Back in May, Toshiba announced that it was ready to enter the burgeoning li-ion market and had reportedly lined up some collaborative deals with a handful of undisclosed automak

Report: Fiat to build hybrid five- and seven-passenger minivans for Europe

At an annual shareholders meeting late last week, Fiat chief executive officer Sergio Marchionne announced that his company is strongly considering hybrid vehicles for European markets. His comments came shortly after an Italian politician leaked news that Fiat will launch minivans with alternative powertrains.

Fiat going hybrid with home-grown system within the next 3 years

Italian automaker Fiat is already huge in the diesel segment with almost 80 percent of the cars sold in the boot peninsula already running without spark plugs. Now, Fiat is working on their own home-grown hybrid system that could be on sale by 2011. With the goal of having the lowest CO2 emissions of any European car-maker, Fiat is developing their hybrid powertrain to work with both gasoline and diesel engines. Fiat is working on systems for both small cars and vans with the former b