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We've discussed Fiat's revolutionary MultiAir technology before and admit it's simply a shame that it's unavailable in the U.S. right now. As we eagerly await its arrival in several upcoming models, we'll tease you by dishing out more gushing prose about the benefits of Fiat's MultiAir technology. In particular, Fiat's 1.4-liter turbocharged MultiAir engine is so amazingly good that it shamed all of the competition for this year's "Best New Engine of 2010" award, presented as part of the Interna

Fiat is widely recognized for its achievements in several automotive-related technologies. The company is credited as the creator of the common rail diesel engine, which is employed by virtually all automakers now, and they are credited with the automated manual transmission, also in widespread usage. The company says its newest crowning achievement – the MultiAir induction technology – will make its way here to the States with the release of the Fiat 500 and the company believes tha

Cutting an engine's cylinder count seems like an easy way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce vehicle emissions. Smaller engines also weigh less, and all automakers are eager to lower the mass of their new vehicles. To that end, Fiat is working on a new line of 900cc engines that feature just two cylinders as opposed to the current, more common choice of four. Rumors indicate that the engine would be available in four separate states of tune and would range from 65-105 horsepower. High-perfor