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Fiat unveils Uno Ecology concept sporting 1.0-liter engine, interior made with coconuts and pop bottles

Just over a week ago, Fiat unveiled the Uno Supermini in Brazil. The company followed that unveiling with the debut of a concept study car called the Uno Ecology. Though we don't expect either vehicle to come here, some of the earth-friendly technology found on the Ecology model could quickly spread throughout the Fiat lineup, including U.S.-bound models.

REPORT: Chrysler planning second Fiat-based compact sports sedan

Fiat Bravo - Click above for a high-res image gallery

Geneva Motor Show: Fiat Bravo in the flesh

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Fiat plans to double Alfa Romeo, Lancia sales

Italy's Fiat Group, flush with the success of its flagship Fiat brand, has plans to more than double the sales volume of its niche-market Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands by 2010.