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Fiat may have given us all an early glimpse of its upcoming 500T in a new ad. The Italian automaker has just released a new one-minute commercial called "Immigrants" showing a flotilla of submarine 500 models working their way from Italy to New York via the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Once the quirky little hatches show up on U.S. shores, something interesting makes an appearance. A 500 wearing Abarth body lines and Sport trim wheels comes rocketing around a corner.


According to a report from Car and Driver, documents submitted to the California Air Resources Board and to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration both point to a new arrival in the Fiat 500 line: a turbocharged hatch called the 500T Sport. The NHTSA document was a key for decoding a car's VIN, the "500T Sport" moniker appearing in the Series classification. The CARB paperwork approved California's certification of a boosted 1.4-liter engine for an unnamed Fiat product, along