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Gulf and Fiat team up in Luxembourg for a special edition 500 Abarth

There have been some iconic racing liveries over the course of motorsport history. Martini, Marlboro, JPS... we could go on, but none carry the enthusiasm of the classic Gulf color combo. Maybe it's because of Steve McQueen's cult classic Le Mans. Maybe it's the irony of the pastel colors on brutal racing machines. Whatever it is, it's an all-time favorite. But would you want your daily driver painted in the baby-blue and orange scheme, complete with sponsor logos?

Paris 2010: 2011 Fiat 500C Abarth EsseEsse packs quite a punch

2011 Fiat 500 Abarth EsseEsse - Click above for high-res image gallery

Paris 2008: Fiat 500 Abarth esseesse

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Paris Preview: Fiat Abarth 500 esse esse revealed

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