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Yesterday, we brought you news that Toyota could quit Formula One if FIA president Max Mosley's proposal for a two-tiered budget system is put in place. But the Japanese team based in Germany – currently enjoying its best season so far – isn't the only one making noise. Ferrari has hinted it could jump ship and put its energy into Le Mans, instead. Mercedes-Benz has said it could cancel its F1 program, and BMW has reportedly done the same. Now, three more teams are joining the call f

Formula1.com confirmed on Monday what we all expected - the five manufacturer teams in F1 have all submitted their entries for the FIA's 2008 Formula One World Championship. Only last week, FIA president Max Mosley (pictured at right) announced that the immediate submission of a formal entry would be mandatory for any team wishing to take part in the negotiations surrounding the 2008 Sporting Regulations.