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At the SAE World Congress in Detroit last week, FEV showed off what it calls an "innovative" new plug-in hybrid transmission. The reason for that moniker is that the system does away with the need for a torque converter while offering two speeds, which makes it particularly good during launch. If the electric motor is used to get going, once up to speed, the engine kicks in for "efficient highway driving" and the system is capable of both electronic boost as well as capturing regenerative brakin

Advanced powertrain developer FEV, Inc., will show off its High Efficiency Combustion System (HECS) diesel engine at the 2011 SAE World Congress. The HECS engine features advanced and conventional technologies to achieve low CO2 emissions and a 17-percent reduction in fuel consumption, while meeting Euro 6 emissions standards without an exhaust gas aftertreatment system.

Advanced powertrain developer FEV Inc. will show off its lean-burning, compressed natural gas-fueled engine concept at the 2011 SAE World Congress. The unusual mill has been modified to run on CNG and is designed for use in light-duty vehicles. FEV says that the concept engine demonstrates that a conventional diesel mill can be altered in such a way that it can achieve the same level of efficiency and power while burning CNG instead.

At last week's Vienna Motor Symposium, FEV was on hand showing off its LiiOn-drive Fiat 500 for ride and drives. We first saw this range extended electric vehicle last year at the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress in Detroit.

It seems as though engine downsizing is the catch phrase of the last few years. Take an engine, shrink it and drop a turbo in and ba da bing, you've got a more efficient and sometimes even more powerful solution. Even though engine downsizing is popular, few have ventured as far as FEV Inc. With this new engine (pictured), appropriately called the Extremely Downsized Engine, FEV explores uncharted waters, going beyond tiny four-cylinder engines.

Powertrain engineering specialists FEV are showing off a number of new technologies at the SAE World Congress this week including this new NOx reduction system for diesel engines. The basic principle of the Solid SCR is the same as the urea injection systems found on most of the new 50-state legal diesel vehicles coming to market. Ammonia is reacted with the NOx in the exhaust gases to convert it to nitrogen and water. Where it differs is the source of the ammonia. Instead of an aqueaous urea so

click above for a high res gallery of the FEV Dodge Caliber ER-EV concept

We been hearing for several weeks now that Mahindra & Mahindra would probably be displaying their new diesel hybrid powertrain at the SAE World Congress next week and now we have official confirmation. Mahindra won't actually have a booth at the conference but will be on hand at the FEV booth. FEV is an engineering company that helps automakers develop their powertrains. FEV and Mahindra today announced that the two companies are working together to accelerate the development of a hybrid sys

There are plenty of dynamometers in the world which are capable of helping tuners get the most from their engines. There aren't very many that allow the same type of tuning for hybrids, though. Hybrid drivetrains can be very complex pieces, featuring both the internal combustion engine of a normal passenger car and the motor, controller and batteries of an electric vehicle. To get the most out of each independent system, testing is becoming increasingly important.

At the SAE World Congress, FEV is displaying a number of vehicles that they have contributed to recently including a diesel powered version of the new Chrysler Sebring and the Lincoln MKR concept. Perhaps the most interesting vehicle is a large brown UPS delivery van. This is no ordinary UPS truck though. This one has a series hybrid drivetrain, but even that is different. Unlike the Chevy Volt or the Ford Airstream/HySeries Edge, this van has no batteries for energy storage or electric motors.