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Advanced powertrain developer FEV Inc. will show off its lean-burning, compressed natural gas-fueled engine concept at the 2011 SAE World Congress. The unusual mill has been modified to run on CNG and is designed for use in light-duty vehicles. FEV says that the concept engine demonstrates that a conventional diesel mill can be altered in such a way that it can achieve the same level of efficiency and power while burning CNG instead.

It seems as though engine downsizing is the catch phrase of the last few years. Take an engine, shrink it and drop a turbo in and ba da bing, you've got a more efficient and sometimes even more powerful solution. Even though engine downsizing is popular, few have ventured as far as FEV Inc. With this new engine (pictured), appropriately called the Extremely Downsized Engine, FEV explores uncharted waters, going beyond tiny four-cylinder engines.