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It seems as though engine downsizing is the catch phrase of the last few years. Take an engine, shrink it and drop a turbo in and ba da bing, you've got a more efficient and sometimes even more powerful solution. Even though engine downsizing is popular, few have ventured as far as FEV Inc. With this new engine (pictured), appropriately called the Extremely Downsized Engine, FEV explores uncharted waters, going beyond tiny four-cylinder engines.

The Lincoln MKR concept that graced the stand at the Detroit Auto Show in January will be making a return visit to Cobo Hall next week for the SAE World Congress. FEV Engine Technologies will displaying the car in their booth on the show floor. FEV is an engineering consultancy that focuses on powertrain development and they worked with Ford on the direct-injection system that was used on the Twin-Force V-6 in the MKR. The twin turbocharged 3.5L V-6 is derived from the new Duratec 35 engine used

New Mexico got the good news yesterday that Albuquerque would be the location of Tesla Motor's WhiteStar factory, but two news bits out of the Midwest show that things aren't all bad around here (pretty bad economically, but not all bad).