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Spy Shots: Ferrari F450 prototype caught with native body

Ferrari F450 spy shots – Click above for high-res image gallery

Spy Shots: Ferrari F450 test mules caught undisguised

Following hot on the heels of spy shots reportedly depicting a Ferrari 599 Spider, the boys over at CzechFerrari.cz have acquired a set of photos of what appears to be a government certification mule for the highly anticipated upcoming Ferrari F450.

Rumormill: More details leak out about new Ferrari F450

We know that Ferrari is working on turbochargers and all-wheel-drive hybrids, and the hybrid portion of that equation could show up as soon as this year's Los Angel

VIDEO: Ferrari F450 test mule caught in two-minute spy footage

Ferrari F450 spy video – Click above to view the video after the jump

Rendered Speculation: Ferrari F142 taking shape

CAR Magazine is running a new sketch of what they anticipate the newest V8 Ferrari will look like, and we have to say, we're a little disappointed. Internally dubbed the Ferrari F142, Maranello's replacement for the F430 is inching closer to its first public showing, and although we've seen some rather clunky test mules so far, we were hoping that the Italian firm would recapture i

Spy Shots: Ferrari F450 prototype widened and scooped

The car codenamed F142 is going to be the Ferrari F450, successor to the current F430. Set on a modified F430 chassis with a wider front and rear track, the new car looks evolutionary but the changes aren't insubstantial. A 4.5-liter engine will be placed amidships, and its expected 500+ horsepower will need extra cooling. That means larger intakes, perhaps all around. In back, the exhaust could be routed through the large aperture in the diffuser. The car could be shown as early as this year's

Rumormill churnin' away on Ferrari F430 replacement

Ferrari Ascari design study from 2005 "New Concepts of the Myth" design challenge