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VIDEO: Nicholas Cage stunt driver crashes Ferrari in NYC, injures two

Nicholas Cage stunt driver crash in NYC – Click above to watch video after the jump

Oh the horror! Ferrari California post-crash test

We're fully aware that even supercars must undergo crash testing. But we like to think of the process the same way we do hamburgers. When we get hungry, we're able to totally banish any curiosity about what gruesome process transformed the cow into lunch.

More proof that a surprising number of Ferrari owners can't drive

It wouldn't be correct to say that all Ferrari drivers can't drive. What we can say is that a lot of Ferrari drivers are probably not short of ego, and also probably have little idea of what their cars can do when pressed. Combine a robust confidence with a watching crowd, add a high-powered and sometimes testy car, thrown in a little bit of ignorance... and a pole.. and what you get is the image above.