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Ferrari P80/C one-off built for 330 P3/P4, 1966 Dino 206 S fanatic

Ferrari calls this its 'most extreme one-off design ever'

Ferrari calls this its "most extreme one-off design ever."

Ferrari Dino prototype will go for auction at Pebble Beach

It was the second prototype and close to production spec

It was the second prototype and close to production spec.

Spy Shots
Ferrari 488 GTO possibly revealed in new spy shots

Think 458 Speciale, with boost.

This could also be the rumored Ferrari Dino.

Spy Shots
New Ferrari 488 variant spied at the 'Ring

This could either be a high-performance variant or a low-cost Dino.

Spy Shots
Ferrari dips into its parts bin to test a Dino, or something

A mysterious horse prances through the snow.

Some sort of mid-engine stallion is on the loose.

Future Ferraris could be based off single, modular platform

Ferrari might move to a single, modular space frame to underpin most of its next-generation models. The brand is also working on something special for its 70th anniversary in 2017.

Spy Shots
Mysterious Ferrari may be rumored Dino

These spy shots of a Ferrari 458 test mule might be the latest evidence of the company working on the revival of the Dino.

Ferrari might bring back the Dino, says Sergio

Dino: It's one of the most evocative, though long dormant nameplates in automotive history. And now Ferrari's boss says it could come back on the rump of an all-new Ferrari/Dino model.

Ferrari planning six-cylinder Dino revival?

Ferrari is rumored to be preparing a new six-cylinder, entry-level model that could revive the Dino spirit (if not the name) and take on the likes of the Porsche 911 Turbo, Audi R8, Mercedes-AMG GT and McLaren 570S.

A Ferrari Dino 308 GT4 retrospective, by Gear Patrol

When we think of desirable Ferraris from the 1970s, the choices are somewhat thin. Obviously, there was the 365 GTB/4, better known as the legendary Daytona, but that was initially a product of the 1960s. Really, aside from the arrival of the stylish 308, the 1970s weren't a strong decade for Ferrari.

Ferrari chief reportedly admits V6 a possibility

Purists who've given up hope with Porsche amidst their sedan and SUV shenanigans aren't going to like this one bit. After all but completely phasing out even the option of a manual transmission in Ferrari road cars (in favor of robotized sequentials and dual-clutch gearboxes), Ferrari's management says it can't rule out the possibility of a V6 in the near future.

Rumormill: Ferrari looking at turbo'd V6 to save fuel

Dino fans rejoice, the rumormill is churning out plenty of grist about a V6 power unit in the offing for some future Ferraris. The California is already getting a V8, so Prancing Horse fans wishing for a "Dino II" will remain unfulfilled, but new approaches to high performance are key to keeping Ferrari at the zenith of autodom, lest it fall down the nostalgia hole that's seen Jaguar nearly suffocate on its own pillowy upholstery. The case for a V6 would be partly the banal issues of emissions a

Ferrari GT heading to Paris, teaser site launched

It's been photographed for months and referred to alternately as Dino and F149, but for now at least, the newest stallion from Maranello goes by the generic moniker, Ferrari GT. Today, the automaker launched www.ferrarigtcountdown.com where the car will be gradually revealed during the runup to the Paris Motor Show this September. Ferrari promises to feed us technical details, sound files and photos of the car between now and Paris. Right now you c

Spy Shots: Ferrari F149 spotted, sans butt-camo

Click above for a gallery of Ferrari's Project F149.

Spy Shots: baby Ferrari at it again

At last month's Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo surprised the industry by revealing that his company would be coming to the Paris Motor Show in October with a new model. Widely anticipated to be the oft-refuted new "entry-level" Ferrari,

Don't call it "Dino": Ferrari bringing new model to Paris

Ferrari officials have supposedly confirmed that their new mini-model is coming to the Paris Motor Show this fall and in keeping with the company line, it won't be sporting a "Dino" badge when it's unveiled.

Spy shots: Ferrari Dino and F430 successor

It is official, at least from the pages of Car magazine: Ferrari's we-aren't-building-a-Dino Dino will appear at the Geneva Auto Show in March of '08. It arose from a stillborn Maserati that was to be a companion to the Granturismo. Maserati couldn't afford to make it, so the project became the Dino.

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