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Fees may boost Indiana road-repair revenue by $2 million a year.

Indiana would join 10 other states that impose fees specifically for plug-in vehicles to make up for lost revenue from less gasoline taxes.


Forty cents a minute is what it'll cost you if you leave your car plugged in.

Don't forget to unplug when the alarm goes off.


Oregon government officials continue to consider a per-mileage tax for plug-in and highly fuel efficient vehicles. The reason? To boost road-improvement funds in one of the country's most progressive states, the Register-Guard from Eugene, OR, reports.


The long, complicated struggle to integrate plug-in vehicles into the national fleet is playing out in the microcosm of Texas. The oil-friendly state has, somewhat under the radar, been laying the groundwork for electric vehicle infrastructure and the city of Austin is in the vanguard of plug-in vehicle advancement. While all this is going on, the state government is one that is still thinking about taxing EVs.

Never mind all the adrenaline, the horsepower and the glory. The coolest part of being an F1 driver could very well be the Superlicense. That's the prerequisite certification that any F1 driver needs to get from the FIA before driving in Formula One. Now, however, the World Motorsport Council has decided to raise the fees, and not by a little, either.