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Zero Motorcycles was proud to have played a role in electric vehicle tax credits being restored – with e-bikes included – in the federal budget signed by the president as the "fiscal cliff" came to a halt. The electric motorcycle maker worked with Plug In America and a coalition of other electric motorcycle companies to bring back the 10-percent tax credit for electric motorcycles.


The Congressional Budget Office recently released a dour report on the cost of federal policies designed to promote electric vehicles and the role they will play in reducing national gasoline consumption over the next several years. Consumer tax credits for electric vehicles, which can run as high as $7,500, will make up about 25 percent of the $7.5 billion these policies will cost through 2019, the CBO says, and they will have "little or no impact" on overall gasoline consumption.

Why is it that you can get a $7,500 federal tax credit on your electric vehicle manufactured by a major automaker, but not on your converted EV or plug-in hybrid? EV conversion activists are wondering the same thing, and are looking for supporters to add their names to a petition that asks to make this incentive available. According to the "Equal Incentives for Conversions" petition on the White House website: