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Reducing internal engine friction is Federal-Mogul's goal and, with its CarboGlide piston ring coating, the company seems to have mastered the art of making metal slippery. According to Federal-Mogul, CarboGlide delivers a direct improvement in fuel economy and CO2 emissions by reducing ring friction by up to 20 percent, compared to other commonly used coatings.

On Monday, 11 automotive suppliers were honored for their innovative products at the annual presentation of Automotive News PACE Awards. Several of the winning entries focused on boosting a vehicle's fuel economy and some of the awardees are headquartered here in the States.

While developments like HCCI and EcoMotors OPOC engines get plenty of attention in the drive to increased efficiency, there is still plenty of room for improvement in more traditional engine architectures. Reducing internal friction is a prime target for improvement that is being tackled in several ways, including coats, surface finishes and lubricants.

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