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Honda, BMW green-car demand dropped last month.

Strong Tesla, Chevrolet Volt sales can't save February from a green-car sales drop-off.

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Americans may have finally gotten a taste of Toyota Prius overkill, hinted at by last month's rare decline in year-over-year sales for the world's most popular hybrid. The Prius' decline caused overall advanced powertrain vehicle sales numbers in February to level off considerably relative to previous months.

By The Numbers

Last month, Toyota pitched its hybrid vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show by partnering with Hasbro to make a Monopoly-inspired road course inside McCormick Center's South Hall.

By The Numbers

Chrysler Wins Again, Small Car Battle Brewing and Mustang Beats Camaro

Almost all the sales numbers are in for the month of February, and it appears the good and bad news has been spread fairly evenly across the industry. Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group received the brunt of bad news, with sales down 13.5% and 8%, respectively. In Ford's defense, sales to rental fleets were down 30%, so at least the Blue Oval is actively trying to ween itself from an addiction to fleet sales. General Motors, however, managed to eek out a small 3.4% improvement in sales de

January was a harsh month for the domestics, mainly because reduced sales to fleet and rental companies dragged down the raw number of units sold. Still, General Motors apparently doesn't like the red on the balance sheet and has introduced a new round of incentives to ensure February's numbers are better. Announced today, buyers in the Midwest and Northeast regions are being offered $500 bonus cash and 0% financing for five years, most likely as a bribe to pry them from their sofas and brave th