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AFVI 2008: A cringing lunch, courtesy of Honda

I've done you a favor. As part of the American Honda Lunch program yesterday at the AFVI Expo, comedian Matt Hovde was part of the entertainment. Before he took to the stage, I was kind of excited. I mean, he's part of Second City, and they're legends in the comedy business. So, what's my favor to you? I've split the audio from Hovde's routine from the clip of the other speaker during lunch: American Honda's vice president of corporate planning and logistics Dan Bonawitz. You can still listen to

Info on Honda's new global hybrid

Do you like the Honda FCX Clarity (above) but wish it had a more standard hybrid powertrain instead of its million-dollar hydrogen fuel cell guts? You might get your wish, kind of.

Honda FCX Clarity one of Motor Trend's "Top 10 Cars of 2007"

One can't help but wonder if Motor Trend felt the need to include at least one alternative fueled car on their list of "Top 10 Cars of 2007", considering that none of the other machines come close to delivering good fuel mileage or an eco-image. Whatever their reasoning, they chose to include the Ho

AutoblogGreen Q&A: Honda's Stephen Ellis on hydrogen, Part 2

In this second part of our chat with Honda's Stephen Ellis we continue our discussion of the Honda Home Energy Station and get into the costs and practicality of hydrogen as a fuel. Read part one here.

VIDEO: Water fight for water emitting car, first ad for the Honda FCX Clarity

Seemingly only moments after unveiling the 2009 Honda FCX Clarity at the LA Auto Show last week, Honda began running a commercial featuring the first series production fuel cell car. Given that the only thing emitted from the Clarity is water, it seems fitting that the ad features a highly choreographed water fight in the mold of a typical

First Drive: 2009 Honda FCX Clarity on the road

It's ironic that the FCX Clarity debuted at this time in this place just weeks after much of the surrounding hillsides were engulfed in flames. Fires at this time of year are pretty typical in this region, but 2007 was especially bad after a long period of drought. Global warming probably didn't cause these fires, but the high temperatures and strong winds certainly amplified the problem. We turned off the PCH by the Pepperdine University campus and headed up Malibu Canyon Rd.

LA 2007: 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Live reveal

Click the FCX Clarity for a high-res gallery