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Toyota still plans on making "tens of thousands" of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) annually by the 2020s, Bloomberg News reports, citing Didier Leroy, the automaker's chief of European operations.

Last week at the LA Auto Show, Toyota made the surprise announcement that one of their experimental fuel cell powered Highlanders had completed a 2,300 mile trek down the Alaska Highway from Fairbanks to Vancouver British Columbia. Toyota brought a camera crew along to document the trip and they've now put a video up on their Open Road blog. Road & Track Engineering Editor Dennis Simanaitis also went along the trip and his account will be in the January issue of that venerable old magazine.

Apparently not content to let General Motors and Ford grab all the fuel cell glory, Toyota has leapfrogged General Motors' 300-mile Sequel ride by making a 347-mile trip with their FCHV fuel cell vehicle. The FCHV is a modified version of the previous generation Highlander equipped with Toyota's in-house-developed fuel cell stack. Toyota says they have improved the fuel efficiency of their fuel cell power-train by refining the design of their stack and improving the control software for the stac

In late 2005, Toyota announced a fuel-cell forklift prototype that was to be displayed at major trade shows. The prototype reappeared at the ProMat show in Chicago earlier this month. The next big industrial show is the IMHX in England this March. Again, Toyota will be there with the FCHV-F, a forklift powered by a fuel cell that was developed with Toyota Motors and Toyota Industries. There doesn't some to be any difference in the vehicle or updates to the specifications. Press releases say Toyo

The FCHV (fuel cell hybrid vehicle) bus that's been shuttling passengers around the Central Japan International Airport near Nagoya will soon be expanding its service area. For one, passengers may soon find themselves riding the bus out to their plane on the tarmac. The bus, a project of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), is fueled up at a demonstration hydrogen fueling station onsite at the airport. Toyota Motor Corporation developed the fuel cell hybrid system for the bus. MET

World Car Fans has got its mitts on some fresh spy photos of Toyota's new FCHV (fuel cell hybrid vehicle) actually being put through its paces in the automotive testing hell of Death Valley. As WCF says, these alternative energy concept vehicles are right at home on showroom floors, but to see one out in the wild is interesting indeed. Toyota has been working on the FCHV for many years, and there's still nothing to report on when cars like the FCHV will be available to purchase, but you can at l