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We tried the Whopperito, the burger that fits in your cup holder

There's a video. You can watch it instead of eating one yourself.

How America invented the road trip

The history of the American road trip is full of technological innovations, new industries and federal oversight.

West Virgina McDonald's to feature 2 plug-in charging stations

The celebration of the grand opening of a McDonald's fast-food restaurant is not exactly worthy of recognition. With at least 12,392 McDonald's franchises operating in the U.S. alone, the opening of one additional store in Huntington, West Virginia would usually go unnoticed, especially by the green car media. Not this time.

New record set for world's fastest furniture

Englishman Perry Watkins has already built the world's smallest car, at just over 39 inches high, and the Flatmobile (pictured), that's 30 inches high. Adding to that list of palmares, Watkins took the record for the fastest "piece of furniture," placing a dinner table with settings for four – including chairs – on top of a nitrous-boo

Ironic Study: Not owning a car can make you fatter. Sorta.

Can not owning a car make you fatter? Iteems conventional wisdom would have it that people who don't own cars might tend to get more exercise having to walk everywhere they go, no? No. Well not completely, at least according to a new study that appears in the September issue of the Journal of Urban Health. While the study doesn't imply that walking isn't good exercise