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Broken embargoes are becoming standard fare these days, so it's not surprising to see an image or two of the Honda Fury factory chopper that have leaked to the internet a few days ahead of its official release. Whatever the reason or source of the information, here we are with a chopper-style machine powered by a 1300cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that seems to have shown up a bit late to the party. The chopper movement that was so strong a few years back has mostly passed by, but we're still gl

Honda may be a bit behind the latest two-wheeled trends with its upcoming factory chopper motorcycle. The raked-out style had its heyday a couple of years ago with more functional styles making a big comeback as of late, but there is still a market for long, low bikes with fat rear rubber. Just ask Harley and Victory. Interestingly, Honda's production Fury chopper reportedly uses a rather small 1300cc fuel injected V-Twin engine, which we would assume is a descendant of the smaller-displacement