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Did you watch the video we posted yesterday and figure you've finally got a handle on the changes taking place in Formula One for next season? Well hold on, because there's more.

The winner-take-all points system hastily introduced and then hastily rescinded for this year's Formula 1 season truly has no friends outside of Bernie Ecclestone. NASCAR drivers commenting to Fox Sports on the proposed system have trashed it: Carl Edwards, playing the role of NASCAR's Felipe Massa, said, "I think if you determine your champion just based on wins, you're taking a huge gamble of having the wrong champion." That, even though Edwards would have won last season had such a points sys

The points system used by Formula 1 has been the subject of debate for years. When the system was expanded after 2002 and began offering points up to eighth position, people thought that would create more suspense since Michael Schumacher was running off with the trophies every year. It didn't work, and now with Schumacher gone, all the points system tends to reward is consistency over winning. Lewis Hamilton won five races this year and Felipe Massa won six, but Lewis Hamilton is the world cham