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Late last week, ExxonMobil announced that it, along with Japanese company Tonen Chemical, had developed a new plastic film technology for automotive lithium-ion batteries. And, since ExxonMobil was going to be at EVS23, I set up an interview with people who could tell AutoblogGreen readers more about this product. Thanks to a missed flight, I was not able to meet with ExxonMobil representatives at our appointment on Sunday but did connect with James Harris (pictured), the senior vice president o

When we write about Exxon Mobil here on AutoblogGreen, we mostly do it to point out just how much money they make. In 2006, after all, the company did make $1,252 every second. Sometimes we write about their shady ethanol studies or other ways the giant oil company is trying to buy off scientists. What I'm saying is that it's not too often that we say somewhat nice things about Exxon Mobil.