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Unified EU and US safety regulations would save billions

Automakers are on board, but what about the lawmakers?

Developing cars for different markets is very costly, and finding a way to unify regulations could dramatically reduce those costs.

US-built Corollas will soon be exported to Latin America, Caribbean

Toyota has announced plans to export the American-made Corolla south, to 18 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2014. The move follows statements made to The Wall Street Journal

Honda to export more American-built vehicles than it imports from Japan by 2014

A silver Honda Accord sedan is rarely a vehicle worth getting too excited over, but we're sure the folks at Honda's Marysville, Ohio assembly plant would beg to differ. This week, a silver 2013 Accord EX-L sedan earmarked for South Korea rolled off the line, making it the one-millionth vehicle Honda has exported from the US over the last 25 years

U.S. filing trade complaint against China for auto tariffs

Automotive News China reports the United States is set to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization against China for tariffs on American-built vehicles. The duties cover around 80-percent of the vehicles imported from the U.S. and are expected to cost U.S. automakers $3.3 billion. Interestingly enough, Zach Bowman

Toyota to export Highlander from U.S. to Australia, Russia

Toyota is struggling with the rising yen, so much so that the automaker has been shifting vehicle production outside of Japan. That's bad news for laborers in Japan, but it works out in favor of the American workforce in Princeton, Indiana.

Kentucky-built Toyota Camry headed to South Korea

For years Detroit automakers carped about the low value of the Japanese yen versus the U.S. dollar, but these days, the opposite is true. The yen has rocketed up in value versus the dollar, and Japan's automakers are taking significant measures to mitigate its bottom-line-killing effects. In October Toyota demanded lower prices from its Japanese supply base, and now the Chris Shunk

Chery to delay exports to Europe

Europeans anxiously awaiting their chance to buy a Chery will have to cool their heels a little longer. Chery's delaying the export of their B21, but it's not for anything major like crash performance woes. According to suppliers, Chery has pushed back production so they can revamp the interior design. The fitment that appeals to the Chinese domestic market is less thrilling to European buyers, so the cabin will get some attention before the B21 swings into production later this year. It won't b

Chinese trucks being built in Oklahoma

It was supposed to happen in Texas, but things didn't pan out for Tiger Trucks in the Lone Star State. Oklahoma quickly swooped in and wooed the builder of trucks designed by China's ChangAn. In an era when manufacturing is increasingly migrating to China, Tiger is reversing that paradigm. Oklahoma put money and a rail spur on the table and that seems to have sealed the deal. Tiger's advance team i

More palm-oil biodiesel plants popping up in Asia

Indonesian corporation Sinar Mas Group is planning to build two massive new palm-oil biodiesel plants for fuel export to Europe and the U.S. The first of the two is to be built on the Indonesian island of Sumatra with an annual capacity of 400,000 tonnes with the second to be built in Malaysia with a capacity of 200,000 tonnes per year. The plants should both be up and run

Brazil & Argentina at war over biodiesel exports

Argentina and Brazil both have large soy industries which have looked to biodiesel production in recent times to boost revenues and expand their markets. Argentina's government has enthusiastically embraced the market for soy oil based biodiesel by implementing tax and trade incentives that effectively undercut the production costs of Brazil's producers. Current estimates put Argentinean biodiesel production costs at $0.22 per litre compared to $0.50 to produce the same fuel in Brazil. The Brazi

Thinking Big: new law opens path for Toyota takeover of Subaru

Toyota has been eying a takeover of Fuji Heavy Industries – Subaru's parent company – for some time now. When General Motors ditched its 20 percent stake in Fuji back in October 2005, Toyota snapped up 8.7 percent and the two have been undertaking a series of joint ventures since.

Louisiana will get two new biofuel plants

It was announced Friday that two new biodiesel plants will be built in Louisiana, according to the Advocate and WBRZ 2 TV news. The two plants, to be built by a subsidiary of the Shaw Group for $1.5 billion, will be in West Baton Rouge and Ascension parishes and will initially produce 100 million gallons a year. One ethanol and one biodiesel plant will be built, with the biodiesel plant  able to make 1 billion gallons a ye