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Talk that talk: Porsche made a video about its five loudest cars

Including the 1978 911 SC Safari!

Including the 1978 911 SC Safari!

Listen to the 2019 Toyota Supra at full song

The inline-six sounds mean, and smooth as silk

The inline-six sounds mean, and smooth as silk.

Safety group again calls on Ford to recall Explorers for fume leaks

It says complaints continue, even after Ford started making repairs

It says complaints continue, even after Ford started making repairs.

Viral video shows woman's head stuck in oversized exhaust pipe

She had to be extricated by the fire department

She had to be extricated by the fire department.

Ford again urged to recall Explorers for exhaust leaks before 'luck runs out'

Federal regulators have now received nearly 1,400 complaints of carbon monoxide in the cabin.

Federal regulators have now received at least 1,381 complaints alleging carbon monoxide leaks in the cabin.

This Camaro ZL1's exhaust system is so loud, the airbags blow

Do loud pipes save lives? We don't know ... but they can definitely pop airbags.

Listen to the Lotus Evora 400 make lovely noises

We'll have a chance to hear something similar with the US-bound Evora Sport 410.

We want a Hyundai with this N prototype's crackly engine

Hyundai's N division released video demonstrating the sound of their latest prototype, and we want it here.

Traffic pollution can cause 'facial dark spots'

Also known as lentigenes, these spots are usually benign.

The Journal of Investigative Dermatology finds a link between car pollution (read: NO2) and liver spots. Just one more exhausting thing to worry about.

Formula One to get louder next season with revised exhaust

The FIA has mandated a new wastegate in the exhaust systems of Formula One cars to make them sound better. It also released a revised calendar for the 2016 World Championship.

Rolling coal now illegal in New Jersey

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has signed a law making rolling coal illegal in the state. The bill was introduced less than a year ago after a pickup belched soot on a State Assemblyman's Nissan Leaf.

New 'clean' diesels not associated with lung cancer risks

A newly released study finds that the emissions from post-2007, EPA-compliant diesel engines do not show risks of causing lung cancer in lab rats. The animals were exposed to the exhaust for 80 hours a week for up to 30 months. Previous studies have shown much more adverse effects from older diesels.

Guy Fieri pitched Flowmaster mufflers before Food Network fame

We all have to get our start somewhere. These days Guy Fieri is best known as a TV host, restaurateur and (to some) Lamborghini theft victim, but before selling burgers, he was pitching Flowmaster mufflers in commercials.

Korea may bar new Corvette because it's TOO LOUD

South Korean buyers hoping to stomp on the throttle to hear the thundering V8 of the Chevrolet C7 Corvette have reason to be a little depressed, it seems. The South Korean government has no interest in hearing the 'Vettes angry growl. We're afraid it's just too darn loud.

Angry Nissan Leaf Driver may make 'Rolling Coal' illegal in New Jersey

This Is What Happens When You Smoke Out A State Rep

It's always a few bad apples who ruin polluting just for fun for the rest of us. That time-honored American tradition of being rude for laughs, otherwise known as 'rolling coal,' might become illegal in New Jersey, if a Nissan Leaf-driving politician gets his way.

Rolling Coal: America's political divide reaches the roads [w/videos]

Jason Mendelson was driving his Toyota Prius in the right lane of Interstate 64 near Richmond, Virginia, when a white pickup truck with two protruding smokestacks cut into the lane ahead.

EPA's $9M clean diesel campaign could pay back $117M in health benefits

Diesel fumes are bad for people. But diesel power is good for a lot of heavy-duty work. So, for now, one answer to threading the needle of that little conundrum is to make diesel engines as clean as possible. To that end, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced $9 million worth of grant funds from the DERA National Funding Assistance Program. If the EPA's numbers are correct, that money could be worth something like $117 million in public health benefits.

This 4.5-minute video of supercars and classics starting up is oddly mesmerizing

There's way more to cars than just about how they drive – any auto enthusiast can tell you that. While the way a car feels is vital, the way it sounds plays a huge role in making it exciting as well. Some cars, like the V12 of a '60s Ferrari, are famous partially because of the fantastic noises that they make when the engine fires. It seems that Nitto Tires understands this concept, because it has put together a video with a wonderful sampling of the startup sounds of a diverse group of pe

See and hear how the Corvette Stingray's switchable exhaust works

The new Chevrolet Corvette has a trick exhaust system that muffles the exhaust note when the electronically controlled valve flaps inside it are closed, and let's the V8 roar when they're open. The system works its mysterious magic depending on the drive mode and the engine's rpm. Here, Patrick Herrmann, Technical Manager of Chevrolet Europe, attempts to show us what's actually going on in the Stingray's exhaust system to give it its dynamic sound.

Hear the C7 Corvette's three-mode exhaust

Chevrolet's new, seventh-generation Corvette Stingray is quite easily one of the most highly anticipated vehicles of the year. And as details of the new car trickle out ahead of our first drive of it (coming soon!), we're getting more and more excited.

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