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VW exec bonuses could be slashed due to diesel scandal

The top nine VW execs made about $80 million in 2014.

A major Volkswagen shareholder says executive bonuses should be cut in response to diesel-emissions fallout.

Former Honda CEOs chide current boss about quality

Taking charge of a major corporation will never be without its challenges, and one of those – as Honda CEO Takanobu Ito is finding out – is filling the big shoes of those that came before. Ito's predecessors are apparently not pleased with what he's doing to the company, and are wasting no time in telling him so.

REPORT: French government calls for auto execs to forego bonuses

The French government has put €6 billion ($7.79 billion USD) on the table for car companies. And as part of the effort to make sure that every drop of the money goes toward maximizing performance and retaining jobs, the French government has asked that Peugeot/Citroen and Renault company bosses take a pass on their bonuses.

Ford names Susan Cischke Senior VP Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering

Ford has appointed Susan M Cischke as their new Senior Vice President of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering. Chischke has been VP of Environmental and Safety policies and in her new role she will help define Ford's environmental and safety policies and shape the long term sustainability strategy that will be corporate wide. With her expanded

Ford changes how executives' benefits tied to auto shop bills

Hee's a bit of news that surely had Ford’s executive eyeing Consumer Reports rankings on all of the Blue Oval's offerings...

Ford gets to work on reducing number of executives

The top shelf of Blue Oval execs will be a little lighter this coming March as some management shuffling will result in a reduction of the number of Ford's corporate officers by four. The commitment to reduce its corporate office ranks is part of Ford’s restructuring plan, and as a result the company’s Product Development organization will no