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If you couldn't make it to Los Angeles for the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium this week, you can still listen in live some EV experts discuss the next stage of the modern EV era, the one when the "emerging mainstream" begins to investigate plug-in cars. Specifically, according to the promotional material for the panel, which takes place today, May 9, at 10:30 a.m. PST:

As I was cleaning out my digital files and getting ready for the Detroit Auto Show that starts for us media folks this weekend, I noticed I have a few EVS23 items left to process and post. I'll try to the them all up before NAIAS overwhelms us, but the one I have for you now is an interview I did with EDTA head Brian Wynne just as the show was ending. Wynne was quite pleased with the giant electric drive conference and expo, something you can hear for yourself here (9 min, 6MB). We were interrup

We're back for AutoblogGreen Podcast #16. In this installment, Sebastian updates us on some of the really amazing things he saw while at EVS23 in Anaheim. Speaking of really cool stuff, our interview this time is with Beau Boeckmann of Galpin Autosports. Sebastian and Beau talk in depth about the crazyawesomelywild hybrid F450 that was done up for Pimp My Ride, while Sam got to see the Chevy Volt showing a little leg on a recent tour of the E-Flex design studio. We take some time to discuss the

Right next to the Modec booth at EVS23, Smith Electric Vehicles commanded a swath of floor space with their large Smith Newton electric truck. Mark Aubry, North American sales manager for Smith Electric Vehicles, was available for an interview and told AutoblogGreen about how these trucks could work for American companies. The official launch of these EVs in the U.S. was two days before we spoke.

During the Electric Drive Vehicle Symposium (EVS23) held this past week in Anaheim CA, attendees got the first public glimpse at the first prototype battery pack for the Chevy Volt. GM's Jon Lauckner, VP for Global Program Management gave a presentation at the conference that Matt Kelly from NextGear captured on video. Most of the presentation was a repeat of the standard one GM executives have been giving for the past year on how much energy the world uses and how much that amount will increase

One of the benefits of an electric motor powering an ATV, says Ken Stasiek, the national sales manager of Electric Vehicle Systems (EVS), is that you can sneak up on wild game easier. That's a benefit to hunters. Police forces, too, can benefit from the silence because it allows for easier radio communication, even when driving. I spoke with Stasiek at EVS23 this past week, and he gave AutoblogGreen a rundown on his company's new ATEV 28 (All-Terrain Electric Vehicle). The vehicles were released

One of the announcements from EVS23 was from Ener1, the company behind the EnerDel lithium power systems. On the showroom floor, Ener1 was displaying a Prius they have converted with the EnerDel battery packs, a move that even attracted positve comments from Toyota representatives. I stopped by and spoke with Charles Gassenheimer, the chairman of Ener1 Inc., and he told me about how Ener1 is the only company at EVS23 that has the "end-to-end solution" for lithium-powered cars. That is, they can

I first wrote a post about the all-electric T-Rex motorcycle/three-wheeler back in February. As we said earlier then, this vehicle can go around 125 mph and has high-end range of 250 miles (125 is the low end, which shows how much of an impact a driving style can have). These Canadian-built vehicles will cost around $50,000 CDN (almost $50,000 US). The T-Rex is actually the name of the non-electric version and the EV is called the Silence PT2. Still, there are two of these blue beauties on the s

EVS23, the 23rd major symposium on Electric Vehicles organized by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) and the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), began Monday morning in Anaheim, California with a series of addresses that set the stage for what will happen here over the next three days.

In October, we noticed a Prius in an Ener1 video and predicted Ener1 was working on a plug-in Prius. Later, we read in SEC files that Ener1 would show a demonstration car in December and questioned if the Prius was that car. Turns out we were right, almost. That car in the video did use Ener1's batteries but it was not a plug-in and there is a difference.

Ford announced that a Ford Escape plug-in hybrid, able to reach 120 mpg (yes, that's what they say) has already been delivered to utility company California South Edison as "part of unique partnership to advance commercialization of PHEVs." It's the first of a series of 20 vehicles which will conduct a long-term road test.

At the Electric Vehicle Symposium this week in Anaheim CA, Valence Technology is introducing a new line of large-format lithium ion batteries designed for use in electric and hybrid vehicles. The phosphate-based lithium batteries are being branded Epoch. The batteries are equipped with an integrated management system to monitor the state of the battery. The batteries will be available in 12.8V and 19.2V modules for integration into packs up to 390 kWh. The batteries are also rated for at least 2

One of the technologies that will be covered at next week's EVS23 in Anaheim will be a prototype minibus that is powered by a tribrid system (that is, the bus uses hydrogen fuel cells, lead acid batteries and ultracapacitors). The bus project is managed by Jonathan Williams at the University of Glamorgan, and he recently spoke to AutoblogGreen for our latest podcast. Here is the transcript of our conversation. There is also a press release on the bus at the end of the Q&A.

One of the things we are really looking forward to reporting back to you from EVS23 (International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition) December 2-5 in Anaheim, California, are details on the first plug-in Ford Escape Hybrid. Ford will have test drives, interviews and photo opportunities Monday, December 3 at 2:45 pm, and we will be there collecting all the green details.

AutoblogGreen gave a lot of digital ink to the last Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) conference, held in late November in Washington, D.C. In preparation for the major EDTA conference EVS 23 – which will be held in Anaheim, CA this coming December under the theme "Sustainability: The Future of Transportation" – the EDTA has put out a call for papers and is already offering exhibition space. EVS 23 will take place over three days and will include a public ride and driv