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Is it a bit sinful to charge your car during the day? [w/video]

EVCast's Afternoon Delight – Click above to watch video Sebastian Blanco

EVCast offers up panel of "experts" to take your electric car questions tomorrow

If you'd like to listen to a sort of state of the electric vehicle industry panel discussion, tune in to the EVCast tomorrow. The live show (which will be available later as a podcast and for download) starts at 1:30 Eastern (10:30 am Pacific) on Tuesday. Listeners can tune send in questions and comments on the EVcast.com chat board (free membership is required to participate). The panel will discuss the following topics:

Neil Young eat your heart out: presenting EVCast, the musical

Neil Young is not the only one who can write some green car songs. Our friends Bo and Ryan over at EVCast have taken it upon themselves to put together a collection of parody songs explaining the plight and hope of the EV community these days. Special guest stars include Gavin Shoebridge (kiwiEV), known for his electric vehicle conversions, and a great Kermit impression. Pay attention an

EVCast: The Crap about Zap!

EVCast has gotten into the dirt with Zap!, everyone's favorite EV whipping boy. The electric-car podcast hosts started off researching the show with the idea that there's a lot of crap out there that pertains to this particular company and wanted to sort the accusations from the reality.

Bo Bennett revs up EVcast, the podcast for the electric car evangalist

Need an audio guide to the electric vehicle world while you wait for the Who Killed The Electric Car sequel? Internet entrepreneur and author Bo Bennett along with his EV co-host Ryan Levesque think that their new electric car podcast - EVcast - is just what the doctor ordered. The free show is available at the website or in iTunes and the first episode will be released today at 1 pm ES