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A Czech Republic-based company that converts Skodas to electric vehicles will be showing two all-electric models at the Geneva Motor Show next month, according to TechnologicVehicles.com.

It appears as if the efforts of a new electric step-through scooter/motorbike company we first brought to your attention last Fall are finally about to bear some two-wheeled fruit. We have received word from EVC, Llc that they are now taking deposits (fully refundable) from those people who have previously made inquiries about their machines. The offer will be opened to the public if there is any remaining availability of the initial production run of 250 units after the initial contactees have

We have heard some interesting claims about upcoming electric vehicles before but 175 mph for the Volta G/T (pictured above) definitely raises some eyebrows. While being interviewed by CBS4 at his offices in Boulder, CO, we heard Electric Vehicle Company (EVC) president Bill Kent state that, "Performance wise, this bike will do zero to 50 in about 4.5 seconds". Ok, that's pretty quick and, for all we know, it's entirely possible. He then went on to say, "In the series you have top ends that rang