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I bet people in Evansville are hoping this article contains the truth. The Janesville Gazette quotes officials from North Prairie Productions, who are opening up a new biodiesel plant in Evansville, Wisc., saying that the plant's environmental footprint will be clean and green. The water discharged from the plant will be similar to what goes down the drain after taking a bath, they say. The plant's odor will be of soybeans, and not dangerous. And airborne discharges won't show up on the Departme

What you think about biodiesel might just depend on whether or not you sit on small business development boards. For the business community of Evansville, Wisc., a new biodiesel production facility that might be built in the area is being looked at in terms or millions of dollars, not millions of barrels of the biofuel produced each year. The lede of this story on the plant calls the economic impacts of the facility "pretty spectacular". The environmental aspects of the plant are not mentioned a