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Nissan Leaf battery pack – Click above for high-res image gallery

As we've mentioned before, one way to measure the likely market share that electric vehicles (EVs) will capture in the coming years is to look at the actions and predictions of EV suppliers. As EVs hit the streets, essential components must be manufactured at a rate that meets actual demand. While some automakers produce EV components in house, many turn to outside suppliers like Bosch.

Not too long ago, most automakers saw no reason to produce components like electric motors for hybrids or electric vehicle batteries in-house. That's what outside suppliers were for. This decision was largely based on cost. For major automakers, producing parts for hybrids and EVs on a small scale simply did not make financial sense. Now, as both the hybrid and electric markets have evolved and display a promising outlook for future growth, automakers have gradually shifted towards in-house prod