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I've never driven a Zap! Car, but AutoblogGreen reader Ian Johnston has, and he let us know about a lengthy test drive/review article he wrote over at Obairlann.net. The subject vehicle is one of Zap's electric trucks, and the first thing that struck me was Johnston's description of the pedal arrangement in the tiny EV. The "the accelerator is where your foot would naturally find the brake in a normal car, and the brake is where you'd expect to slam down on a clutch pedal." That is an unfortunat

The documentary film on GM's controversial electric vehicle program, "Who Killed The Electric Car?" makes it to more theaters this week. We've written a lot about the film's contents – including an interview with Chelsea Sexton, who plays a major role in the story the movie tells – but what about the movie itself? I've seen it, and here's a brief review.