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It just got easier to buy an EV in Oregon.

Oregon will offer up to $2,500 toward the purchase of lease of a new electric vehicle.


The province aims to have 100,000 plug-ins on its roads by 2020.

Quebec will fund plug-in vehicle rebates and charging-station grants to spur EV, PHEV sales.


Oregon House Bill 2092 would auction tax credits to fund a series of rebates for alternative-fuel vehicles. Buyers could get $3,000 for an EV purchase.


In April, we heard about a discussion within the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that would have put a $60,000 MSRP limit on plug-in vehicles that would qualify for CARB's $2,500 rebates. A new report in Silicon Beat says that CARB is once again ready to give EV money to everyone, no matter what expensive car they buy.


The UK's inclusion of battery-electric delivery vehicles in its alt-fuel rebate program makes Renault's Kangoo Van Z.E. eligible for the incentive, the French automaker said.

When you're about to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a plug-in vehicle, getting $300 off probably won't sway your purchasing decision one way or the other. But, every little bit helps in this economy and that's why Normal, IL is putting a bit of its own money into a small-scale electric vehicle tax incentive program.

If you're a California resident looking to cash in on the $5,000 tax rebate for the purchase of a plug-in vehicle, you'd better act quickly. Jay Frieland, legislative director of Plug In America, told the Los Angeles Times that the rebate is likely to run out by the middle of 2011. In August 2010, Mike Ferry, transportation programs manager of California's Center for Sustainable Energy, the group that manages the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, estimated there would be $8 million remaining in the

Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen has announced that the state will offer a $2,500 tax rebate to buyers who snatch up the first wave of electric vehicles (EVs) headed to the Volunteer State. The rebate only extends to the first 1,000 EVs sold there and is expected to help boost Nissan Motor Co. with its launch of the battery-powered Leaf this fall. Bredesen's surprise announcement came during the Fuel Solutions Forum hosted by the Tennessee Valley Authority. U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander was on ha