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Amsterdam wants to be all-electric by 2040

You might think that Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, couldn't be a more environmentally friendly city. Today, it's a city that has an incredibly high ratio of bike use in Europe and lots of canals, and seems to be almost car-free. In the future, the city wants to go a few steps further. There is an all-new electric vehicle recharging network in the works, the first step in a very ambitious plan: to not have a single vehicle running with internal combustion engines in the city by 2040. The plan st

Paris launches online map of EV charging stations

You might expect a city's future (or current) EV charging network to be quite dense. I think it's also reasonable to expect charging stations to be easy to find. Paris now makes this a reality. If you look at the map above, which can be found on the City Hall's official webpage, you can see that Paris EV network is ready and quite dense. The surrounding Xavier Navarro

Spain's pilot EV recharging network starts in Seville

Spain's fourth largest city is getting 75 public electric vehicle recharging stations throughout the city this year. Spain's ambitious program of introducing EVs, hybrid and plug-in cars (a million units for 2012) is promoting the new network under the Movele program. Seville is getting recharging stations in the most used parking lots in the city, as well as at the airport, city hall offices and other official buildings. The plan includes 500 electric cars, which will be allocated not only to p

Nissan plans EV network where Americans actually stop

The Nissan EV team may have been spending some time in Sweden. The automaker is thinking out loud about an EV charging network that takes into consideration where people actually stop their cars. The planned network for America may therefore include places such as fast-food restaurants and other roadside stops or even car dealers, which could offer recharging as a courtesy. Electricity a

Energie Ouest Suisse joins Renault-Nissan in yet another EV venture

Is it just me or is news about a country + a utility company + Renault-Nissan is becoming more common than getting updates from a major sports league? The