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Fiat 500e $199 lease deal sounds great, is nearly impossible to get [UPDATE]

I was very excited that my 500e arrived at my dealer ... but that quickly turned to disappointment and anger when the dealer placed the lease papers in front of me. Months ago I put a deposit on the base model (orange on white with no sunroof or sport package) and asked for the $199 lease but the dealer said it was $263.50! Adding tax to the $199 lease gets it to $216.16 but this was $47.34 higher. I took issue with this and the dealer used their usual misleading monthly payment language 'it'

VW XL1 likely to be available for lease only

When we drove the Volkswagen XL1, the incredibly efficient plug-in diesel hybrid pod that gets something like 261 miles per gallon, we learned that Volkswagen is only going to make 250 of them.

Ultra-cheap Citroen C-Zero electric car 'sells out' in 24 hours *UPDATE

Price an electric vehicle right, and they'll beat a path to your door.

Report: BMW mulling lease-only program for Megacity

BMW Megacity – Click above for high-res image