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If you're in the market for an all-electric pickup, and just can't wait for the Phoenix SUT (and can handle some much lower specs), then take a look at two Ford Ranger EVs (number 1, number 2) that are currently for sale on eBay Motors. The auctions end in just under 24 hours, and are in the $20,000-$22,000 range right now.

In case the all-electric Ford Ranger pickup that was up on eBay the other week wasn't totally your thing (it did have about 50,000 miles on it, after all), here's a fresher version up for auction. This current auction (it ends tomorrow) is for a 1998 Ford Ranger EV with just 10,950 miles on it, and the seller claims to have been able to go more than 50-60 miles on a single charge. That's close to the 75-mile range when the truck was new. This is likely due to the remanufactured 39 Lead Acid (PbA

The ever-elusive electric RAV4 has once again shown its face. You can set your sights on one of the last of the major automakers' electric vehicles that still run wild in the streets in this eBay auction (by the way, did you know that Microsoft Word will tell you that Ebay is spelled wrong, but eBay is correct? Who took the time to program that into the Word dictionary?). This RAV4 EV currently has a bid of $35,000, but the reserve is not met (the Buy It Now price is $65,000, which is about on p