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BP and AGF get green light from EU to build ethanol plant in the UK

Now that concerns about a possible cartel have been discarded, the EU has authorised an ethanol plant that BP and AGF (Associated British Food) planned to build in the north of England.

Biofuels slowly taking off in southern Europe

Portugal has announced a new tax exemption for national producers to help them being a strong player in the biofuel market. There are no Portuguese companies currently producing ethanol, most of it being imported from Brazil. In order to compete with cheaper sugarcane-produced ethanol, the Portuguese government has announced tax exemptions for corn producers to manufacture bioethanol. Galp, the biggest retailer of oil products in the country has announced that it can only sell Portug

DuPont VP explains biofuels strategy in Brussels

DuPont Biofuels vice president and general manager John Ranieri spoke at the World Biofuels Markets in Brussels last week, and said that DuPont's drive to bring "high-performance and environmentally sustainable" biofuels made from farm-grown feedstocks to the European market is still on track. Specifically, and as we've reported before, DuPont is focusing on biobutanol and grain ethanol.

Ten reasons (eleven, really) that Ford of Europe 3s biofuels

Ford of Europe has a few biofuel-related announcements today. First, the company has created a new position: director, flexifuel and alternative fuel vehicles strategy, and long-time Ford hand Jan Brentebraten (pictured) was named to this post. Brentebraten joined Ford Norway as a financial analyst in 1978. His new job is to increase sales of Ford's flexifuel and alternative fuel vehicles. Ford of Europe says it will introduce more than 100 E85 flexifuel models (and derivatives) in the next five