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VW is OK with EU CO2 targets, proposes nuclear power

It has been said numerous times that German automakers are upset with European proposals which would limit CO2 output to around 120 grams per kilometer. Perhaps we shouldn't be lumping Volkswagen or its subsidiaries into that category. Martin Winterkorn, CEO of VW, has admitted that the VW brands, including luxury carmaker Audi, can achieve those low carbon standards. In fact, Winterkorn b

EU calls for "health warnings" on car ads

How much do marketing angles play into consumer choices? The European Union apparently thinks a lot. For instance, we've recently seen all tobacco sponsorships pulled from motorsports, such as the world's most popular, Formula 1. Now it seems that automobile advertisements will be the next form of media ordered to clean up its act. Potential new rules that are currently in draft form and up for review by the College of Commissioners call for the inclusion of fuel consumption and carbon emission

European Union taking Germany to court over amended VW Law

In a move that may undermine Germany's protection of Lower Saxony and its close ties to Volkswagen, the European Commission plans to review the case of Volkswagen Law in the European Union's top court. As you may recall, Porsche has been trying to take majority control of

Germany and France ready to agree on emissions laws?

The German arguments to European Commission rules aimed at lowering average vehicle CO2 emissions has been well covered. Because many of the major German brands make large, powerful vehicles, the German administration felt that they were being dealt with unfairly. France, for its part, has autom

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne bashes latest EU CO2 proposal

A few years back, the European Commission began drafting tough new standards to regulate the amount of CO2 that vehicles sold in member states could emit -- and its been backing off ever since. While French and Italian company's had no problems at all with the proposed regulations of 120 g/km of

EU considering compromising on emissions requirements

It seems so often the case that proposed regulations start out quite high and are then bartered down when the affected parties complain loud enough. This could again be the case with European Union legislation targeting automobile emissions. When the laws were first being considered, the bar was se

Belgian researcher: Almost every single car ad in the EU is illegal

Photo by kadavy. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

EU backing off on tight CO2 emissions limits

It looks like the German automakers may be getting at least some of what they were looking for in the new European CO2 regulations. Car-makers like Porsche, Mercedes, and Audi have been pushing for scaled-back limits on CO2 emissions based on vehicle size, a change that would allow them to continue making big, powerful cars.

European Commission calls for 470 million euro investment into hydrogen cars

The allure of hydrogen cars is in their lack of emissions, and this was enough to cause the European Union's executive arm to recently suggest a 470 million euro (665 million dollars) investment into the technology.

European carmakers trying to get their story straight on CO2

Recently the members of ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association have had diverging positions on CO2 limits being proposed by the European Union. While most are developing new vehicles to meet the proposed regulations, some like Porsche have gone as far as threatening to leave the European market if the new limits are made mandatory.

Aw Snap! Poll reveals most Germans want speed limit on Autobahn

Three days ago we scoffed at an EU official's suggestion that a speed limit should be applied to the remaining sections of Germany's famous Autobahn that remain free to speed. While reports indicated that speed-loving Germans were up in arms over the idea, a recent poll shows that two in three believe a speed limit should be instituted. Whaa? Conducted by ZDF television, the poll showed that 54% of those survey

EU wants to cap speeds on Autobahn

Say it ain't so. An EU official has gone on record suggesting that Germans should give up their beloved freedom to speed on stretches of the country's famed Autobahn in deference to the EU's more aggressive climate change policy. Reports from Germany are that the nation's people find the suggestion ludicrous, farcical and a downright threat to their freedom. The popular German slogan "free driving for free citizens" has been ringing out on internet sites collecting reactions to the proposal.

EU official wants speed limits on autobahn

Calls to impose speed limits on the famous autobahn have been heard before. But the pressure was stepped up a notch when EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas called for the Germans to give up their wide-open speed policy. As expected, the German auto industry and some officials resented the demand, saying they're taking care of emissions reductions and fighting global warming

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