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EU finds Jeep Grand Cherokee and Suzuki Vitara break emissions rules

Jeep already has a fix, but Suzuki doesn't yet have a solution

Fiat Chrysler's Jeep Grand Cherokee and Suzuki's Vitara diesel models both break emissions rules and must be fixed or face a ban on sales across Europe, the Dutch road authority ruled on Thursday. The RDW authority, acting as the reference regulator for across the European Union, said Jeep had developed a software fix and that the authority had ordered the company to recall the model across Europe to roll it out. It added Suzuki had yet to find a credible solution for the Vitara.

Trump again threatens big tariffs on European car imports

"If we can't make a deal, we'll have to put 25% tariffs on their cars"

U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday threatened to impose high tariffs on imports of cars from the European Union if the bloc doesn't agree to a trade deal. Trump has previously made threats to place duties on European automobile imports, with the intent of receiving better terms in the U.S.-Europe trade relationship. Trump has delayed imposing the tariffs a number of times.

New car sales in Europe up 21.4% in December

2019 was the sixth consecutive year of growth in the European Union

Automakers expect Trump to delay tariff decision for Japan and EU

Officials have asked foreign automakers for a tally of investments they've made in the U.S.

Major automakers think U.S. President Donald Trump will again this week push back a self-imposed deadline on whether to put up to 25% tariffs on national security grounds on imported cars and parts from the European Union and Japan amid an ongoing trade war with China, five auto officials told Reuters. The anticipated delay -- expected to be announced later this week -- comes as foreign automakers are eager to highlight U.S. investments to try to dissuade Trump from using tariffs that they argu

EU has a $39 billion retaliatory tariff list if U.S. hits its cars

Hoping it doesn't have to, but putting Trump on notice

The European Union will retaliate with extra duties on 35 billion euros (£31.4 billion) worth of U.S. goods if Washington imposes punitive tariffs on EU cars, the bloc's trade chief said on Tuesday. "We will not accept any managed trade, quotas or voluntary export restraints and, if there were to be tariffs, we would have a rebalancing list," European Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom told a committee of the European Parliament. U.S. President Donald Trump declared in May that some imported

Report: UK moves to block Europe-wide speeding fines

Britain is stepping up to the man. The island nation is moving to stop a proposal that would allow member countries of the European Union to enforce traffic violations across international borders. The legislation aims to help law enforcement pursue unruly drivers for four major offenses: speeding, running traffic lights, drunk

EU reportedly clears Volvo's sale to Geely

2011 Volvo V60 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Will your car soon have talking tires? Shrader Electronics thinks it should

Whether or not you believe properly inflated tires save fuel, more and more vehicles are coming equipped with tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). Sensors mounted in either the valve or on the wheel itself measure tire pressure and alert drivers when their tires drop below a pre-set level of inflation. An Irish company (who's websit

European Union taking Germany to court over amended VW Law

In a move that may undermine Germany's protection of Lower Saxony and its close ties to Volkswagen, the European Commission plans to review the case of Volkswagen Law in the European Union's top court. As you may recall, Porsche has been trying to take majority control of

European Commission calls for 470 million euro investment into hydrogen cars

The allure of hydrogen cars is in their lack of emissions, and this was enough to cause the European Union's executive arm to recently suggest a 470 million euro (665 million dollars) investment into the technology.

Aw Snap! Poll reveals most Germans want speed limit on Autobahn

Three days ago we scoffed at an EU official's suggestion that a speed limit should be applied to the remaining sections of Germany's famous Autobahn that remain free to speed. While reports indicated that speed-loving Germans were up in arms over the idea, a recent poll shows that two in three believe a speed limit should be instituted. Whaa? Conducted by ZDF television, the poll showed that 54% of those survey

EU wants to cap speeds on Autobahn

Say it ain't so. An EU official has gone on record suggesting that Germans should give up their beloved freedom to speed on stretches of the country's famed Autobahn in deference to the EU's more aggressive climate change policy. Reports from Germany are that the nation's people find the suggestion ludicrous, farcical and a downright threat to their freedom. The popular German slogan "free driving for free citizens" has been ringing out on internet sites collecting reactions to the proposal.

EU official wants speed limits on autobahn

Calls to impose speed limits on the famous autobahn have been heard before. But the pressure was stepped up a notch when EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas called for the Germans to give up their wide-open speed policy. As expected, the German auto industry and some officials resented the demand, saying they're taking care of emissions reductions and fighting global warming

Germany's open speed limits upheld

The days of unrestricted speeds on portions of Germany's autobahn may be numbered, but they will continue for at least the immediate future, thanks to their plucky Chancellor. The lucky souls who have a valid passport, a current license, a capable car and the will to challenge themselves will be able to do so without legal entanglements a bit longer.

EU's End-of-Life-Vehicle directive increases responsibility of motorists as well as manufacturers

Auto Express is reporting that the European Union's End-of-Life-Vehicles (ELV) directive is now in full force. The biggest direct effect on motorists is that it makes the last registered owner of a car responsible for its proper disposal at an approved facility that uses environmentally friendly measures.

EU ready to pull out the stick on car makers to further reduce CO2

Over the 9 year span from 1995 to 2004, European, Japanese and Korean automakers have reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by, on average, 12.4 percent in Europe. However, they still run the risk of falling short of meeting their voluntary target of reducing emissions 25 percent by 2008 for the European manufacturers and 2009 for the Asian car makers.

Zetsche warns EU automakers: Don't repeat the mistakes of the US industry

DaimlerChrysler CEO Dieter Zetsche, a man who knows a thing or two about the problems facing the US auto industry, took the opportunity to warn European Union automakers that they may eventually endure the same structural problems their US counterparts are struggling with if action is not taken.

In Europe, 'green' fuel imports?

While bio-fuels are being promoted in the U.S. as domestically produced alternatives to imported oil, the European Union might have to import them in order to meet their target of 5.75% of fuel used in transport by 2010. While some countries in Europe are on track to develop sufficient production of alternative fuels to meet the 2010 target, others like Ireland and Finland have shown little interest in developing local production. It seems to me countries with a strong agricultural sector have t