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China Trying Again To Get Drivers To Switch To EVs

Mercedes-Benz's mega-cool road-railer Unimog now boasts Euro VI compliance. Used for railroad track maintenance and train shunting work, this diesel-powered Unimog offers about a 90-percent improvement in particulate emissions over the Euro V. The new engine also offers improved efficiency. It provides 231 horsepower, and with eight forward and eight reverse gears, it can travel up to 31 miles per hour in either direction. It also has new in-cabin features that make it easier to use for the driv

Mercedes-Benz has launched its Euro VI-compliant, diesel-powered Actros heavy-duty truck, specifically designed for long-distance transport. The new-for-2012 Actros consumes three percent less fuel and 40 percent less AdBlue than its predecessor. M-B says that results from a recent 10,000-kilometer (6,214-mile) journey shows that the Euro VI Actros consumed 25.9 liters of diesel per 100 km (9.1 miles per gallon U.S. – it may not sound that great, but trucks aren't exactly Priuses).

Volvo is introducing a new array of engines next year. Volvo claims that these engines, called EEV (Enhanced Environmental friendly Vehicle), exceed the requirements for Euro V antipollution norms by means of reducing emitted particles and smoke. Not only that, but the new set of EEV engines also reduce fuel consumption. The first engine of the series is the D13 (pictured), which powers the FH (trailer) and FM (heavy) truck series. The D13 is a 12.8-liter I6 engine with power ranging from 400 to

The European Commission has started the consultation process for new legislation to reduce particullate and NOx emissions from heavy-trucks and buses tailpipes. This new set of rules will be ready for the end of the current year. The norm, labelled Euro VI, will be inspired in the future by US EPA rules in order to create worldwide homogenous rules for automakers.