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Ford adds Focus Zetec S model in Europe... they can keep this one

Click above for high-res gallery of the Ford Focus Zetec S

Ford to bring six fuel-efficient European models stateside

Are you an American that has been lusting for some European vehicle models lately? Because of the traditionally high fuel prices in Europe, cars there are traditionally more compact and sip less fuel than their American counterparts (the BMW M3 is another story, though). Some of these models belong to American automakers Ford and GM. We already know some European GM models are sold stateside, but what about Ford?

Euro-Fords could come to America as Mercurys

We've been waiting, along with pretty much everyone else in the country, for Ford to go ahead and bring over some of the desirable small cars it sells in Europe to the United States. It's been discussed over and over, and rumors now predict that Ford will make some official prod

Mercury rising: Thursday announcement expected to lay out Euro-infused future

Mercury has been languishing over the last several years with badged-engineered products barely distinguishable from their Ford brethren. As the market shifts towards smaller cars with higher fuel efficiency, there may be a golden opportunity for the Mercury brand to actually prove its worth as Ford's outlet for European-designed vehicles for the American market. In a move akin to what General Motors ha

VIDEO: This is not how cars are built - Fiesta Love Factory

If Willy Wonka made cars, this is what it would look like. The cold, hard reality is that automobiles are ground out like sausages in huge factories that ingest raw materials at one end and spit out shiny metal boxes filled with ticky-tacky at the other end. Marketing's a funny thing, though; building an emotional connection to your product can often lead to sales gold, so Ford's slathering its Fiesta marketing effort in pheromones to make it irresistible to buyers. It's all very trippy and fun,

Further proof that future Fords will have Euro flair

There has been plenty of support for Ford to bring its rest-of-the-world products to the North American market, and with the truck market doing a Roscoe P. Coltrane E-brake turn away from profitability, the Blue Oval's global efforts are becoming increasingly important for its survival. The plan going forward is to utilize small and medium sized vehicles from Ford's European arsenal globally. In North America, the cars will be spiffy, though Ford will be robbing Peter to pay Paul on that count -