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Study: EU could cut emissions 89% in 40 years by ditching ICEs, adopting EVs, reducing speeds...

According to a 15-month long study conducted in part by the European Commission, Europe's transportation sector could feasibly cut its greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by a resounding 89 percent by 2050. While the study concludes that the EU could cut emissions by nearly 90 percent, it's almost impossible that this will actually happen. It's not that the study is inaccurate, it's just that many of the targets

EU-sponsored report critical of electric vehicles?

The European Union has been working on new legislation with the goal of reducing overall carbon emissions to just 130 g/km by 2015. Many believe that electric vehicles are the best way to achieve this ultimate goal, but internal reports may not agree with this assessment, according to the Financial

European parliament scales back CO2 emissions limits

It looks like European automakers are winning their battle against the proposed European Union limits on automotive CO2 emissions. While the European Commission had proposed a limit of 120 g/km for the vehicle fleet by 2012, manufacturers where claiming the limit was too aggressive. The members of parliament apparently agreed, with the Industry and Energy Committee voting 35-21 to slow things down. Instead of having the entire fleet meet the requirement, only 60 percent of vehicles wi

European Commission could neuter CO2 limits

The European Commission that's working on new CO2 emissions limits looks like it might be about to tear the guts out of the new rules. While proposals up to this point had largely focused on a limit of 130g/km average for any individual manufacturer's fleet, the new proposal would let makers of bigger, thirstier vehicles off the hook. They are now looking at a proposal that would have a sliding scale limit tied to vehicle mass.

Euro carmakers welcome study on CO2 limits

As might be expected, European car-makers aren't thrilled about the prospect of mandatory CO2 emissions limits replacing voluntary limits in the next few years. They have asked, and Environment ministers of EU member countries have agreed, that impact studies be done on the proposed limit of 130g/km from cars by 2012. The voluntary level had been 140g/km by 2008 but car-makers are currently averaging 160g/km.