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As you might remember, the EU wants all state members to use 10 percent of biofuels by 2020 at pumps. The way this policy gets implemented is left up to the will of each country, either by mandatory blends or sales quotas. Such is the case of Spain, which has just started to make biofuel blends/quotas a real thing. The idea is that Spanish gas stations should supply 1.9 percent biofuels at pumps, either directly blended in fuels or at separate pumps, by 2008. The amounts become mandatory for 200

The European Comission (EC) is considering new changes in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) that could remove all financial aid to biofuel crops. According to a working draft, current biofuel demand is so high that financial support is no longer needed. The EU's next CAP will be introduced May 20th. That's when the 27 EU members will start discussing how to change the policy. It's going to be a long discussion.