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The pint-sized VW Beetle has a loyal fanbase in Ethiopia.

"They never fail you - they take you anywhere and have excellent functionality."

Challenged by fluctuating oil prices and stricken with poverty, Ethiopia is searching for a way to boost the nation's economical situation and perk up the country's poor living conditions. Some Ethiopian leaders believe that the solution lies in renewable fuels.

Ethiopia may not spring immediately to mind as the most likely market for electric vehicles – its electricity system is not wholly reliable – but that is not stopping Freestyle PLC from building the Solaris Elettra at its facility in Legetafo, on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. Already in the solar business for 15 years, the firm feels that the East African country's hydro power development will make it a natural for this technology. Operating under the slogan, "From a green country to

China's automakers aren't fooling around when it comes to aggressive growth. While you don't hear much enthusiasm from European or North American automakers about the market on the African continent, There's already at least two Chinese carmakers who've set up shop there as a way to expand beyond the borders of their home country. Holland Car is the first car assembly plant in Ethiopia, and it's kicking out a renamed Lifan 520. The 520 goes by the handle Abay in Ethiopia. Abay is the name of Eth