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Earlier this year, the EPA criticized ethanol because it has a negative environmental balance of lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions when compared to gasoline obtained from crude oil (read their report here). As there's rarely an attack without pushback, the Renewable Fuels Association has decided to interpret that report from their point of view and has found that certain sources of oil do indeed have a worse negative impact than corn ethanol. That is, when lighter and more easily refined crude

"Big oil is behind ethanol's bad press." That's what Javier Salgado, CEO of Abengoa Bioenergy, one of Europe's leading ethanol producers, said in an interview published in Econoticias. Salgado took on more than big oil as he counteracted all the negative press ethanol is receiving from all sides. First of all he, claimed that biofuels were not responsible for the rise in food prices, given that prices have now come down yet we are using more biofuel than ever. His opinion is that the rise in oil