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Potential opponents criticize Scott Walker's changing views on ethanol UPDATE

Just one of many flip-flops, the change of heart that potential Republican Presidential candidate Scott Walker had on ethanol mandates is drawing attention from his opponents.

Congress may change, or even repeal, 2007 ethanol mandate

The battle over selling a higher ethanol blend of gasoline in light-duty vehicle fuel is back in the headlines, as some members of Congress are now suggesting an overhaul of the 2007 ethanol mandate, the Detroit News says.

Severe drought hurts corn production, turns ethanol into election-year issue. Again

As it was four years ago during another election year, corn ethanol is once again the focal point for heated exchange in the U.S. The federal government is feeling the vise tighten in the corn ethanol debate, as the issues flip and flop between gasoline prices going up and global food prices increasing. The worst drought in more than 50 years is also playing a role.

Why is there ethanol in gasoline?

Today, we take another look at ethanol for our weekly Greenlings post. You've probably noticed that many vehicles are labeled with a Flex Fuel badge from the manufacturer, indicat

Canadian E5 mandate to move ahead despite concerns

Despite growing concerns that the widespread production and use of corn ethanol is actually counter-productive to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the Canadian government is moving ahead with a mandate to require ethanol blending into all gasoline supplies. By September 2010, Canadian refiners will be required to have at least 5-percent ethanol content in all pump gas. The regulation has received cabinet approval, and if it proceeds, wo