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Eterniti Artemis "super SUV" officially bows, yours for $334K

As of November 9, 2012 Eterniti Motors, makers of the Artemis (nee Hemera), has a home in Park Royal, London. The company produces its "super SUV" at a facility in London and has opened the 10,000-square-foot atelier, design studio and showroom nearby. Revealed on the night was the production version of the Artemis, the Jonathon Ramsey

Eterniti Motors brings updated Hemera Artemis SUV to Beijing

Eterniti Motors chose the 2012 Beijing Motor Show to unveil the Artemis, an engineering prototype of the Hemera SUV Concept we saw at the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this year. From the looks of things, the boutique automaker has

Eterniti Hemera to hit market in April

Even if Eterniti Motors hasn't exactly made its Hemera SUV beautiful, it has kept it on a consistently delivered timeline. The boutique British company showed off the Hemera, it's Cayenne-Turbo-S-based "SUV meets BMW M5" at the Frankfurt Motor

Eterniti Motors arrives in Frankfurt with exotic Hemera SUV

Eterniti Motors has chosen the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show as the stage upon which it will make its global debut. The British automaker has one model ready for review, and it's a sport-utility vehicle that is light on the 'U' and heavy on the 'S'. It's called the Hemera, and Eterniti plans to have it fighting in the same space that's soon to be occupied by the likes of Jeff Glucker

Eterniti Motors Hemera SUV promises 620 hp, limousine-like cabin

Yes, its resemblance to the Porsche Cayenne may be cunning, but what you're looking at here is the "world's first Super-SUV," created by British carmaker Eterniti Motors. It's bulgy and aggressive-looking, but we just can't shake the fact that this is clearly a Cayenne ripoff. Still, we like the Cayenne, so how bad the Eterniti creation be?

Eterniti Hemera 'super SUV' inches closer to Frankfurt

The world isn't lacking for niche British automakers, but Eterniti Motors thinks we can do with one more. The upstart released little more than a teaser video and a single sketch of its first offering, and now it's come back with a little something else before next week's show in Germany.

Mystery car company Eterniti promises Hemera luxury crossover in Frankfurt [w/video]

What you see above is a teaser sketch of new car, called Hemera, from a new London-based luxury automobile company, called Eterniti Motors. The full concept will be revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show in just a few weeks, and don't worry – up until this writing, we had never heard of any of this before, either.